Piano Lessons

Piano For Kids

Set your child on the path to enrichement and future musical success with piano classes built with begginners in mind. In both group and individual settings, students will piano techniques, music theory fundementals and develop an apprecciation for music across several genres.

Private Piano Lessons

Private or Semi-private lessons | 6-14 years old
Start or continue your piano journey with Ms. Monica. Choose between in-person 1:1 private lessons or 2:1 semiprivate lessons at Main Street Recreation Center. Ms. Monica uses the Faber Adventures Curriculum (purchased by the student) and supplements it with a variety of piano learning resources. Students will have the opportunity to play songs, learn about the treble and bass clef, key signatures, scales, and tempo.

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Practice Online With Pepper!

Join Pepper-the-puppet in supplementals video lessons that tie in with Miss Monica’s .  Prepare your student by first placing your video device at the music stand of your piano or keyboard.  Then click the link to be taken to each video.  Come back each week as new video lessons are added. Have fun!

Group Piano Lessons

Piano for Kids: Begginner 1 Group Lessons

Group lessons | 5-9 years old
Those who are new to the piano require engaging and age-appropriate piano instruction that fosters a fun and solid understanding of musical concepts. In these lessons, students will engage in various activities such as movement, singing, rhythm games, finger exercises, and imaginative stories, all while learning to play the piano. It is recommended that students have access to a piano or keyboard at home. While not necessary, an iPad can be helpful for additional at-home practice. A $20 materials fee is due on the first day of class.

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Piano for Kids: Begginner 2 Group Lessons

Group lessons | 5-7 years old
For students who have completed one session of Beginner 1 Group Lessons or are currently using the Faber Primer Book (purple), this class is designed to prepare them for a successful transition to the Faber Level 1 Lesson Book (red). Throughout the course, students will participate in enjoyable musical games, activities, and exercises that further enhance their understanding of notes, values, time signatures, and reading of the treble and bass clef. A $20 materials fee is due the first day of class.

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