Practice at home with Pepper!

Practicing the piano is fun when you have a friend’s help.  Join Pepper-the-puppet in a supplemental video lesson enhancing the week’s lesson with Miss Monica.  Prepare your student by first placing your video device at the music stand of your piano or keyboard.  Then click the link to be taken to each video.  Come back each week as new video lessons are added. Have fun!

Steady Beat

Pepper demonstrates how to keep a steady beat. Then practice playing a steady beat with the “Steady Beat Rap”.

Learning ti-ti-TA

Learn to play the rhythm, ti-ti-TA with B Sharp’s friend, Roscoe. Then clap and tap as you play along with the t-ti-TA rhythm in the following 3 videos.

Up and Down the Keyboard

Pepper teaches us which way is up (higher) and down (lower) on the keyboard. Place your viewing device on your keyboard music stand before starting the video so that you can play along!