Early Childhood Music

Early Foundations

B Sharp’s early childhood music classes engage 2-6 year old children in a multi–sensory, stimulating musical experience. Through our proprietary B Sharp curriculum, students are enthralled in a joyful and developmental musical journey. Using familiar concepts like animals, cars, planes and weather, they will grow in so many ways!

Putting it all together…

Musical concepts, such as rhythm, pitch, tempo, and dynamics are introduced through singing, instrument playing, and moving and listening to music.

Coordination and motor skills are developed through action rhymes, clapping hands, playing drums, marching to music, and signing songs.


Children begin their journey to becoming Critical Listeners as they learn to differentiate between fast and slow, high and low, and through listening and movement to music from classical, folk, and music from around the world.

Vocalizing is delveloped through singing, sound imitation, and a variety of echoing exercises with our many puppet friends.

Brightly colored books with rhythmic prose enhance the visual learning experience.

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