Preschool Classes

B Sharp in Preschools

Miss Monica is a dedicated music specialist with years of experience collaborating with preschool programs to develop enriching curriculums built with young learners in mind. Below you’ll find more information on B Sharp’s active Preschool partnerships along with a look at how we develop our preschool courses.

Community Class Offerings

B Sharp in Preschools

Passionate B#Sharp music specialists enrich children’s early school education with our 30-minute
multi-sensory music classes.


Our classes enhance your student’s learning in school through…

♫ Singing, chanting, and rhyming
♫ Rhythmic and repetitive prose in stories
♫ Listening and moving to music
♫ Instrument playing
♫ Songs including sign language and foreign language

Learning to sing and move to music results in much more than musical proficiency…

♫ Singing and rhyming develop language skills.
♫ Moving and tapping to rhythm enhance coordination and large motor skills
♫ Patterning found in music supports mathematical and      logical reasoning
Listening to stories and music develop imagination and creativity
Musical games involving stop-and-go commands help children gain self-control


Many of the songs and musical concepts are practiced throughout the week by the preschool teachers who also participate in the music classes.



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