Meet Miss. Monica

Monica Crowe Corbett is a lifelong musician, educator and arts community leader based in St. Charles. Monica founded B Sharp Music in 2003 with the goal of enriching young minds through music and movement. In the 20 years since its founding, B Sharp has equipped hundreds of students across all age groups and skill levels with the foundational tools needed to broaden and expand their musical journey.

Originally from Detroit, Monica began taking piano lessons at an early age. She attended the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, where she was recognized as a featured alumna. After earning a BA in Music & Communication from the University of Michigan, Monica worked as an Orchestra Management fellow for the American Symphony Orchestra. After years of work in events ticketing and public television, Monica and her family moved to St. Charles, IL.

Ask anyone from St. Charles about her contributions to the city’s arts community and you may not get the same answer twice. Some will know Monica as the Children’s Music Director at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, while others might recognise her from the director’s seat of the Marquee Youth Stage’s pit orchestra. Monica also serves on the Kane Repertory Theatre Advisory Board, STC Education Foundation Board, the St. Charles History Museum Fundraising Committee and is a past VP of the Chicago Chapter of the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association. She has coordinated multiple projects with the Norris Cultural Arts Centers and even lends her voice to the St. Charles Singers.

Monica is one of Kane County’s most valuable music and arts ambassadors, with a resume to match. Despite the lengthy resume, Monica is motivated simply by a love for music, education and self-expression. When she isn’t teaching or working on one of her many, many projects, Monica enjoys spending time with her four children; Morgan, Palmer, Tommy and Hadley, her husband, Mike and their dog, Snoop.

“Music plays a role in the development of children from the strains of the first lullaby. It enters a child’s life from experiences in the family…In addition to its enormous social value, recent research suggests that music also is important for intellectual development: Exposure to music from an early age appears to affect the organization of the central nervous system, making it a precious tool for early childhood educators.”

Dr. Frances H. Rauscher

Professor, University of Washington

Student Testimonials

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